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Whisper something to me, love

Those secrets in your eyes

As light left this morning

I won't see sunrise

Can you feel it burning?


This isn't home without you

Here in this haunted night

Carry my soul back to me, baby

And haunt me one last time

Now there's not much left for me

Just silence in disguise

So catch me before I fall into madness

Demons in my mind, you know I'm lost without you

Can't you feel me burning?


Don't leave me now

Believe in how

Don't leave me now, my darling

Don't leave me now

Believe in how

You will haunt my heart eternally


Written by Nikki Stringfield

Vocals, guitars, and bass performed by Nikki Stringfield

Drums recorded by Jesse Billson

Produced by Jesse Billson and Patrick Kennison